Sliding Bearing Copper Bronze Sintered Bushing



FZ Oil Sintered Bearing and Part is made of bronze or iron or stainless steel powder with lubricating oil vacuum sintered. It is mold pressed by high pressure then sintered in high temperature, after that, put it in high temperature vacuum and soaked in oil. This bearing is used in electrical appliances, power tools, textiles machinery and automobile industry. Like electrical fan, electrical motor, juicer, mixture, etc.

Sintered Bronze Bearings

Tin Bronze oil sintered self-lubricating bearing
Pb Bronze base oil sintered self-lubricating bearing
Graphite lubricant additive

Sintered Iron Bearings

Full Iron base self-lubricating bearing
Iron with copper base self-lubricating bearing

PM Sintered Parts

Sintered Gear
Sintered hardware
Mechanical parts

Material Technical Data

Short Code FZ21 FZ22 FZ14 FZ31 FZ11
Material Code Cu663 Cu9010 Cu20Fe80 Cu17Fe Fe
Bronze Material CuSn6Zn6Pb3 Cu 90%-Sn 10% Cu 18%-21% Cu15%-18% Fe
Oil Retaining >=18% 19%~24% >=18% >=18% >=18%
Crushing Strength


>150MPa (18%) >130MPa (24%) >180MPa (18%) >180MPa (18%) >200MPa (18%)
Max. Linear Speed 4m/s 5m/s 4m/s 4m/s 4m/s
Max. PV 8 N/mm* m/s 10 N/mm* m/s 8 N/mm* m/s 8 N/mm* m/s 8 N/mm* m/s
Hardness HB20~HB50 HB20~HB50 HB30~HB60 HB30~HB60 HB40~HB70